Nearest cafes, restaurants, buffets



1. "Hepokatti" - buffet, about 300 m from you, to the left, across the road. Open in the summer (mid-June-mid-August) 10-18.

2. "Rantakatti" - the restaurant by the shore of the lake, about 400 m from you, to the right along the road. Open in the summer (mid-June to mid-August) 10 - 22. Other times - by prior arrangement.

3. The restaurant of the hotel (spa center) "Kruunupuisto". About 2.5 km from you, behind the bridge to the right. Breakfast - 7 (8), lunch -12 - 14, dinner - 16 - 18.30.

4. Summer cafe "Kesä kioski". About 4 km from you, on the way to Punkaharju, near the beach.

5. Restaurant "Nila" of the Museum "Lusto" - January-April: Tues-Sun 10 - 17, June - August: daily 10 - 19, September: daily 10 - 17, October-December: Tues-Sun 10 - 17.

6. Cafe "Harjun portti", about 5 km from you, towards Savonlinna, near Neste gas station. 8 - 21, lunch-buffet: 11 - 15.

7. Restaurant "Paviljonki" in the children's amusement park "Kesämaa", about 5 km from you, towards Savonlinna. Open in the summer (mid-June - September 1) 12 - 20, breakfast: 8.30 - 11.

8. Cafe at the gas station SHELL, Punkaharju. About 9 km from you. 8 - 21.

9. "Punkero grilli", cafe-bar, Punkaharju, near the K-market. Mon-Thurs: 10-23, Fr-Sat: 10-02, Sun: 12-23.

10. "Huttika" Pub & Restaurant, Punkaharju, Kauppatie 20. Mon-Thurs: 10-23, Fr-Sat: 10-02, Sun: 12-23.

11. Pizzeria-Kebab "Merenneito". Punkaharju, near the S-Market. Mon-Fr: 10.30-22, Sat-Sun: 11-22.


Also, there are a lot of restaurants in Savonlinna, in Kerimäki, in Särkisalmi (ABC) and many others.




Bon Appetit!

Welcome to the Mannimaatila place!

To make your staying here comfortable and interesting, we advise you to regard fully read the following.

1. Your location.

 Your exact address is 58450, Mannilantie 5-7, Punkaharju. You are on the Vaahersalo Island, one of the 180,000 islands of Finland. The lakes of the big Saimaa wash our island: from the northeast and east-Jännevesi and Pihlajavesi, from the southwest and west -Puruvesi. By its size, the Saimaa system of lakes inferiors only to Ladoga, Onega lakes and Swedish Venern in Europe and is the 4th largest European reserve of fresh water. With the mainland we are connected by a single bridge, built in 1985 on the site of the former ferry crossing, on this bridge you crossed the strait of Potkusalmi, when they went to us. Our island is located within the municipality of Punkaharju, the county of Savonlinna, the province of Etelä Savo, and the provincial town - Mikkeli. The nearest airport is Savonlinna - 37 km, The nearest railway stations: Lusto - 5,5 km, Retretti - 6 km, Punkaharju - 8 km. The nearest shops, where you will find everything you need - in Punkaharju: supermarkets K-Market and S-Market. The nearest bowling club is in Punkaharju. The nearest ski resort of Ruunarinteet is about 40 km away. From the border with Norway, we are separated by 1070 km, Sweden - 607 km, Russia - 100 km.

2. Our coordinates and emergency telephones

       Our geographical coordinates: 61 ° 46'52.4 "N 29 ° 16'39.2" E Our mail:, telephones: +358402207296 (Dmitriy), +358402200672 (Elena). Use Viber and WhatsApp, if you prefer. We speak English, Russian & Finish To call firefighters, ambulance and police in Finland, use a single number 112 , they speak Finnish, Swedish and English. You will be automatically connected to the nearest emergency center.

3. Rules of residence and recommendations

       Guests are allowed to arrive from 16.00 to 19.00 (we always indicate local time), departure - until 12.00. If you are late with your arrival, please notify us in advance. Thank you for presenting your passports or ID card to us; it is required by the Law. We, in turn, guarantee you the protection of personal data, as well as discounts for your repeated visits to us. Do not forget to put the door lock on the fuse. Otherwise, the lock closes automatically when the door is closed. If the door slammed shut, call us. Heating in the house is electric, in the rooms and in the upper bathroom there are convectors, in the sauna and the lower bathroom or convectors + warm floors, or only warm floors. In the house (in winter), the non-freezing mode is supported in the standby mode: the convector controls are set to +10, the regulators of the warm floors are set to "2". If we did not have time to change the regime convectors to "+20" beforehand, and flooring to "3", do it yourself, the house will very quickly become warm and comfortable, even if outside is freezing frost. For additional warmth and comfort you can use the fireplace oven. Before the kindling, open the view to the right above so that it protrudes from the wall for 1-2 cm, open the blower valve below under the firebox. To open and close the doors and lattices of the furnace, lift them up. Burn the oven with enough crumpled newspapers, this is necessary to warm the chimney and organize normal traction, especially if the stove has not been used for a long time. You will find newspapers in the bottom drawer of the sofa. After warming the chimney with newspapers, if the smoke has become normal to go into the chimney, put firewood and light a fire. When the firewood is inflamed, close the blower valve under the firebox. The stock of firewood that is included in the cost of your accommodation will be located near the oven. If additional firewood is required, you will find them in the barn located between the manor houses, behind the brown door. The prices for additional firewood are indicated in the price list attached below. We recommend you to heat the oven to a temperature of no more than 80-100 degrees (approximately, within an hour), otherwise it will be very hot in the house. After the burning of firewood, make sure that the size of the remaining coals is not more than 1-1.5 cm; they do not smoke and close the view. Pay special attention to this procedure, it concerns your safety and health. The house is equipped with a smoke alarm, but the sensors may not be able to detect the presence of carbon monoxide. Be careful with fire! Smoking in the house and using open fire is prohibited! We also ask you not to use your electrical appliances, except for cosmetic devices and hair dryers, computers, consumer electronics. Everything necessary for cooking and comfortable living in the house is available. An electric boiler provides hot water in the house. To turn it on, go into the back hallway, there is a wooden cabinet with a door; behind it there is an electric panel. A red arrow indicates the boiler start-up switch. After turning on the switch, you need to press the green button nearby to it. When you press the button, you will hear a click, this is normal. Additional instructions are located on the inside of the cabinet door. The boiler heats enough water for showering after 2-3 hours. Spend water sparingly, fresh drinking water is a valuable resource, the capacity of the boiler is also limited, with unreasonable use, you can stay without hot water and have to wait again until it warms up again. The sewage system in the house is autonomous, so we ask you not to throw anything into the toilet, except toilet paper and water-soluble liquid food waste. In the kitchen you will find everything you need. If you need a refrigerator, and it turns out to be off, turn it on. When using the stove and / or oven, pull the hood cover towards you (house 7) and turn on the exhaust fan. This will save you from the stuffiness and extraneous odors. After cooking, turn off the hood. Before using the dishwasher, open the water tap on the kitchen faucet. Washing tablets are in the cabinet under the sink. After using the dishwasher, close the water tap. Garbage must be divided. Food (biological) garbage store separately in packages marked "BIO", and before leaving the package with it, put it in a plastic can on the porch. Packages with other garbage before departure put in a large garbage can, it is located near the garage. Satellite TV in the house will help to brighten up free time. You will have access to numerous TV channels, including Russian ones. If the receiver turns off, turn it on using the remote control. It may take some time to activate the receiver. If there is no TV picture (in AV-1 mode), leave the receiver turned on and wait for several hours to activate it. Wi-Fi in the house is provided to guests free of charge. The modem-router is located on the nightstand under the stairs. If it turns off, insert the plug into the socket and turn it on by pressing and holding the large button in the center for 1-2 seconds. Soon it is activated; two green LEDs will light up. Password you will find in a prominent place. Before leaving, turn the device off in the reverse order. Bed linen can be brought with you or you can use our hire in accordance with the price list. The sauna is located inside the house and will give you pleasure. Before switching on, close the ventilation vent on the ceiling by turning it clockwise. Instructions for using the sauna and washing machine you will find in the shower. Thank you for not using brooms, this is unsafe. Throw water on the stove gently and in small portions, use caution! After bath & sauna procedures, make sure that the electric heater is turned off, open the ventilation on the ceiling by turning counter-clockwise, ventilate the shower with the opening of the window for an hour and a half. Before leaving, you have to take out the garbage, wash up the dishes, remove the bed linen, turn off all electrical appliances, and close the windows. If you lay out a sofa, rearrange furniture, etc., everything must be restored to its original state. In the house there should be an elementary order, on the floor there should be no visible debris. Final cleaning and disinfection we carry out by the forces of our employees, its cost is indicated in the price list. If during the stay you have any breakdowns or any other domestic problems, immediately notify us about this, we will provide the necessary assistance. If you have inadvertently caused any damage to the house or property located in it, let us know. Comply with the Law of silence, it’s strictly enforced in Finland! After 22.00 to 7.00, making noise, playing music outside the house, fireworks is prohibited! Neighbors will immediately call the police; the amount of penalty will unpleasantly surprise you. Exceptions are, of course, New Year evening and night (18.00-02.00) . Fireworks can be run only in large open area, away from buildings and trees. Pyrotechnics must be purchased in Finland only! Payment for your stay and services provided can be made in advance on the site or on the first day of your stay by card or in cash. We will also ask you to reserve a small deposit in case of accidental damage to property. If you use the rental of our inventory and equipment, we will ask you to make a deposit in case of a breakdown or loss. Additional payment for services rendered during your stay and rental of equipment is made upon or before your departure.

4. Interesting and useful places to visit near you.

       In front of your windows, behind the rope fence there is a horse grazing-an ideal place for fireworks in New year's night , and in the summer, horses will be grateful to you for a piece of salted bread. Nearby, about 800 m from you there is a stable where you can rent a horse and get dressage lessons. For children, there are ponies. You will get all the necessary equipment there. Phone, site, e-mail of stable: (+358)449951415 (Jenni),, Or contact us.

       In 400 meters from you (to the right along the road) - the shore of the lake, a beautiful sandy beach in a quiet bay Vaaherlahti with clear water and cabanas. On the beach there is a volleyball court. Around - the campsite Rantakatti, there is a bar, restaurant, coastal saunas, playground, rope ferry and other objects. From May to October, the restaurant operates normally, in winter - on pre-order. Please see the services of the recreation area on the website or contact us. There is also our pier, boats and boats. On the way to the lake on the left (pay attention to the signpost) there will be a path in the forest to the squirrel's house, we advise you to take a walk.

       If leaving the house, go left and cross the road, about 400 meters away you will find a contact zoo and a forest bar Hepokatti.

       The Kruunupuisto Wellness & Spa center is 2.5 km away from you, behind the bridge, to the right. There is a large swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and a pool with hydro massage, a children's pool, saunas and hammam, a gym, a bar and a restaurant. In Kruunupuisto you can get a lot of SPA, beauty and wellness procedures, take a walk in a wonderful park by the lake, where a summer cafe is open, and you can rent tourist and sports equipment. Near the complex in winter on the Saimaa lake, is always cleared and equipped with an ice track for skating, numerous trails are laid. Details on

       A part of the Salpalinja defenses can be seen if you stop at a parking area near the beach and a summer cafe (kesäkioski) on the way to Punkaharju. The line of defense was built during the Second World War. The key to the dugout can be taken in the summer cafe.

       The Lusto Forest Museum is 5.5 km away from you towards Savonlinna. This unique cultural and cognitive object is widely known even outside of Finland. You will spend several hours there with pleasure, and it will be difficult to take away children from the museum. There is a restaurant and a store of original Finnish souvenirs, things and toys. Near the museum, a monument of architecture is the old building of the railway station Punkaharju, in the same place - the railway platform Lusto. Not far from Lusto is a small private hotel "Punkaharju", where the President of Finland met with Putin in the summer of 2017 (there is a hotel sign on the road).

       Museum of Modern Art Retretti (open in summer only) - one of the largest in northern Europe. 6 km towards Savonlinna. Part of the exhibition is organized in a cave at a depth of about 30 meters. Nearby there is SEO gas station, restaurant, Harjunporti tourist service center, shop, marina for boats and yachts, rental of camping equipment.        Near the cave Retretti is a manor-workshop known in Finland artist and sculptor Johanna Oras. Manor and sculptures you can see at any time of the year, and in the summer, you can look into the artist's studio.

       Here, the district is the amusement park Kesämaa. In the park there are many different attractions that will carry adults and children for the whole day. In the aqua park Kesämaa there is a lot of different slides and pools for guests of all ages. Also there are climbing grounds, swimming pools for rowing, tracks for cycling, playing zones. On the territory there is a large restaurant and a bar. For more information, visit

       In the village of Kerimäki (20 km away from you, the 14th road to Savonlinna, turn right at the signpost) is the world's largest wooden church, and in the village - an original restaurant for home cooking and a Finnish gift shop. You will not find them in big supermarkets.

       Savonlinna (27 km) - a county town where you will find many attractions, the main one being the fortress of Olavinlinna. In summer (early July - early August), an international opera festival is held in the fortress. Keep in mind; tickets and hotels are booked in a few months before! Details at

       Opposite the fortress Olavinlinna is the Nature and Culture Center of Saimaa (local history museum) Riihisaari, where you can visit cultural and historical exhibitions and exhibitions about the nature of Lake Saimaa. The information desk of the Finnish Forest Administration offers extensive information on the national parks and the nature of Lake Saimaa. For customers free Wi-Fi Internet. In the museum store you can buy souvenirs, associated with nature and Lake Saimaa. In summer, at the pier of Riihisaari you can get acquainted with the historical steamers of the lake Finland. In the city you will find hypermarkets, shopping centers, shops of famous brands, many restaurants, swimming pools and other recreation centers and entertainment, there is a theater, a concert hall and an ice arena. In the summer you can make fascinating cruises along the islands of the big Saimaa, the ships depart from the city wharf every 30-40 minutes.


       Five kilometers from Savonlinna there is a ski resort Ruunarinteet. There are 6 slopes of all complexity colors, 4 of which are illuminated, two lifts, convenient dressing rooms, a cafe, a rental of equipment. The instructors of the ski school give lessons to adults and children. Details on

       About 20 km away you will find the Sculpture Park "Patsaspuisto", the world-famous Finnish art collection created by the talent of the self-taught artist Veijo Rönkkönen (1944-2010), located in the commune of Parikkala - in the village of Koitsanlahti. The result of the sculptor's 50-year work was more than 500 various figures on various themes, skillfully made of concrete. The visit to the park is free, but if desired, visitors can donate money for support and assistance in the work and maintenance of the Park. Details:

       For golf players, one of the best golf courses in northern Europe, the KeriGolf Club, is located nearby. Details here: Experienced players can play on magnificent golf courses, and qualified coaches work for beginners, guaranteeing you a certificate for admission to the fields.

Our services and offers.

       We are happy to help make your stay with us enjoyable and helpful. Do not hesitate to contact us for any matter, we will try to please the most inquisitive and demanding guests, this is our work, we do it with pleasure! The short guide that you read cannot contain all the information about our capabilities, interesting places and events that we know about. Auto transfers we are ready to provide you in any occasion: to places of interest, to shops, restaurants, health and entertainment centers, in a word, wherever you wish. We are also ready to meet you and take you from (to) the airports and railway stations. At your request, we will deliver you by car to a fishing place, picking mushrooms and berries. Fresh fish and mushrooms cannot be taken out of the EU, but you can treat yourself to mushrooms and fresh fish prepared by any means. We will also give you the opportunity to dry some mushrooms and berries in our ovens. At your request, we will provide you with a portable BBQ; smoke box, charcoal and alder chips for smoking. If the weather is not favorable, you can use the grill house, standing in the manor.

       For the convenience of group movements, we offer you portable radios with a range of 3-5 km. In summer, you can use our rowing or motorboats and canoes for water walks and fishing. We will purchase the necessary fishing licenses for you. For serious fishermen, we have large and medium-sized boats with powerful engines and navigation equipment. These fishing trips are accompanied by our guide by prior arrangement. We are also ready to organize for you a boat trip, swimming and picnic on the islands and beaches of Saimaa. You can make exciting walks and travel on our bicycles. Bike paths and trails are everywhere. Our ATVs and snowmobiles with sledges will allow you get to hard-to-reach places, and in winter they will take you to the coveted places.

       We wish you a good holiday!

                                                Price list


1. Bed linen 10 €

10 €

2. Transfer to / from the airport


3. Auto Transfer


4. Boat transfer to the fishing place (picnic, swimming)

70€/ hour

5. Transfer by snowmobile (ATV) to the fishing place

70€/ hour

6. Rent a snowmobile / ATV (without the cost of gasoline)

55€/ hour *

7. Rent a snowmobile / ATV (without the cost of gasoline)


8. Rent a  boat

15€/ day

9. Rent a motor for boat (without the cost of gasoline)

65€/ day *

10. Rent a kayak-deuce


11. Fishing with a guide on the boat (min. 3 hours)

80€/ hour

12. Rent of fishing equipment


13. Bike rental

15€/ day

14. BBQ, smokebox, grill-house usage


15. Firewood (extra)

2€/10 p.

16. Coal and alder chips

17. Tennis table

Store price 


18. Use of radio stations

3€/ day

19. Final cleaning





* Cash pledge or reservation of money on the card in case of damage or loss



Guests who spend at the barton more than 3 nights in a row, pp. 8, 13, 14, 17,18 for free.

Guests who spend more than 5 nights at the barton are given a pp. 2, 3, 4 or 5  as a gift  ( to choose)